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Your refilled battery will last longer than a new one at a fraction of the cost!Toll Free :909-268-8741

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Apple PowerBook 520 and 540 Series model batteries are over 3 years old and Ni-Mh Cells have a maximum 3 year shelf life. This means you are not getting 100% battery capacity even if it is new and sealed in the box.

All you have to do is mail us your old battery (We will email you a pre-paid postage label with delivery confirmation - US customers only).   After we receive it, we will send you a 100% tested Genuine Apple Refilled 4000mAh Battery to ensure that it will equal or exceed your original battery's life.   Every battery comes with a 1 Year Warranty!

NOTE: If your battery is completely dead, you may still send it to our facility for a refill service. If we are unable to refill the battery, we will send you back your battery pack and credit you a full refund, including shipping. (Applicable to this battery model only.)
So, with nothing to lose, why not try our refill program today!!

To order a new battery without a Refill:
If you would rather just purchase another battery with longer running cells, purchase one at our low price and you will be shipped a fresh, new super-capacity battery.

This battery fits on
Apple PowerBook 520
Apple PowerBook 520c
Apple PowerBook 540
Apple PowerBook 540c
Apple Model Number :  M1906
Chemistry :  Ni-Mh
Volts :  9.6 Volt
Manufacture Capacity (mAh) :  2200mAh/2.2Ahr
After Refill Capacity : 4000mAh/4.0Ahr
Refill Price : 
You HAVE to send your battery
$59 - On Sale!!!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Purchase Price : 
You don't need to send your battery
Genuine Manufacture's Battery
$89 - Sale while supplies last
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The battery capacity increases every few months and the Apple PowerBook 520 and 540 Series battery packs have a 2200 mAh capacity Sanyo Ni-Mh cells. The new cells we are using to replace your batteries are 4000mAh LG Chemistry Cells. As a result of the refill service, a 2200mAh capacity Ni-Mh battery pack increases to 4000 mAh capacity.

This means longer run-time (80% higher capacity) compared to the original without causing any incompatibilities.
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