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Independence Technology L.L.C. is no longer selling and marketing the iBOT® Mobility System.
We have been providing our professional battery refill service worldwide for over 9 years and have performed over 70,000 orders with an over 98.5% success rate. We found that these iBOT® Wheelchair batteries are very pricy. These batteries become useless after depleting their own useful chemical life. We can re-use casing and all the electronics inside the battery pack and refill them with factory brand new, higher capacity cells. We replace the necessary components on the control circuit or reset the controller on the board if necessary to make them perform brand new.

The problem with rechargeable battery pack industry is shelf life. Li-ion, Ni-Mh, and Ni-Cd battery cells have maximum around 3 year chemical/shelf life. This means that they loose capacity through time regardless if they are used or not. How long do you think the battery that you are thinking of buying from a retailer orsuppler has been sitting on their shelf or stuck in a manufacture's warehouse? You will pay full price of brand new battery but might be getting less than the remaining 80% battery capacity. Basically, there are no brand new iBOT® battery packs available on the market.

We use factory brand new cells all the time, so there is no waist of shelf life or chemical life. We also have a 30 days full money back guarantee including shipping and an 1 year warranty service on all of our refilled batteries. Don't trash your iBOT® batteries; send them to us for a refill. We can save you a lot of money and save your iBOT® Wheelchair.

Try our battery refill service! All you have to do is ship your old battery to us with the Pre-Paid-Postage-Label (US customers only) we email to you after you place your order. We will then ship back the refilled battery pair that will contain longer running new battery cells.   Every battery comes with a 1 Year Warranty!

Chemistry :  NiCd
Volts :  76 Volt
Manufacture Capacity (mAh) :  7.2Ahr
After Refill Capacity : 7.5Ahr
Exchange Price : 
We will send the battery first
We will ship you pre-refilled pair of battery packs with return postage label. We will charge extra $500 if we dont receive your old battery packs back within 2 weeks.

Refill Price : 
You HAVE to send your battery
Purchase Price : 
You don't need to send your battery
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