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Your Electric Bicycle Battery Refill Service Quotation.
  Your Electric Bicycle Battery Voltage will stay the same and we guarantee that your refilled battery capacity will be 10-40% higher than the original.

Your Electric Bicycle Battery Battery Refill Service Price is only $-7

Your Battery Chemistry : Li-ion (LiFePo4, LiMnO2) Battery

The Battery Information above should match your battery information.

If your battery information does not match after we receive it, we will contact you to change the order information. If you not approve the price change, we may return your battery and you are responsible for all the shipping charges.

You need to ship your battery charger together with your old battery pack. We can not test your battery without the matching charger.

  • 30 Day 100% money back if the battery doesn't work after the refill. Check out our return policy.
  • Guaranteed 10-40% longer running time compared to the new original battery.
  • 1 year warranty on all refilled battery cells.
    (Prepaid Battery Return Package is only available to US customers)

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